Southwestern Oklahoma State University is known for its academic programs and friendly Oklahoma attitude. The University is centered (not literally) in a small town named Weatherford.

Weatherford is home to roughly 12,000 people, so not a lot. The majority of people come from SWOSU’s compilation of students from all around the state, nation and world. SWOSU has accepted hundreds, and now thousands, of international students from all over the globe (which is pretty awesome!).

The students at SWOSU get to have an interactive classroom and one-on-one engagement with their professors.

This blog is updated by students who work for the SWOSU newspaper, The Southwestern.

Some posts will have been written by the Social Media Editor of The Southwestern. Other stories will be about what’s going on at SWOSU, and around town, to help keep students, faculty and the community involved.

This blog will not be updated daily and only updated when new stories have been published in The Southwestern. Any interaction with this blog will be seen and responded to by the Social Media Editor.

If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to send a message.

Thank you.



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