Restaurant Review: Luigi’s

By Hibah Aljohani
Staff Reporter

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant is located on 1111 W main St. in Weatherford and is a small family owned business. The owners are originally from Albania and have lived in Italy and experienced the Italian cuisine firsthand.
The location itself is very nice and quiet, perfect for a lunch date or a family dinner. It is closed on Mondays and open every other day. The staff was very courteous and worked with smiles. Their professionalism added to the ambiance. The service is very nice and effective.However, substitutions or adjustments of the meals are not taken very well and sometimes not entertained.
Their menu is very well organized and the pictures can only pique your interest and encourage you to order something you would never try otherwise.
The most appealing factor of Luigi’s is probably the excellent quality of the food for very reasonable prices. The food at Luigi’s is full of flavors. The dough is freshly made every day, the pasta is home-made, and herbs are used in the perfect amount in the various dishes.
The free garlic rolls, fresh from the oven, smell as good as they taste. Their original dipping oil made them even much more delicious. The food from the appetizer through to the dessert is of excellent quality. The sauces for their pasta are creamy and rich and work wonderful as dipping sauces for the breads as well. They do not have an extensive wine option, which decreases its appeal to some, but the food and overall experience can easily make up for that.


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