Charlie Brown cast, crew prepping for March

By Breanna Neer
Staff Reporter

Theatre students will present You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown next month. The play will be held March 2– 4 at 7:30 p.m. and March 5 at 2 p.m. at the Hilltop Theatre. This play will be free for Southwestern students and faculty. General admission will be $5.
When asked how the decision came to produce this play, Technical Director Jessica Salmans said, “[Director] Steve Strickler makes all the final decisions. We both weigh the pros and cons on ideas for the plays.
“We picked this play because it’s a popular musical, challenging for the actors, and it’s a really well known piece,” Salmans said. “It’s actually the 50th anniversary for this play.”
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown will have little snippets of classic moments from Charlie Brown comics.
“This show is a feel good, multi-generational piece for a wide audience from grandparents who grew up on theses comics, to little kids who’ve recently seen the new The Peanuts Movie,” she said. “You can reserve your tickets now at the box office because we may sell out.”
Joaquin Martinez, a music major from Anadarko, will play Charlie Brown.
“Charlie Brown is a little boy who can sometimes be a bit of a pessimist, but in the end good things happen,” Martinez said.
Micaelah Thompson, a theatre major from Elk City, will play Sally Brown.
“Sally is the littler sister to Charlie Brown. She’s quite younger than the rest of the group. Her character is an excited, happy-go-lucky, innocent little girl,” Thompson said. Thompson is also working on the costumes for the play.
Carlos Ramirez, a math education major from Elk City, will play Snoopy.
“Snoopy is a famous iconic dog who is Charlie Brown’s pet. The two have an odd relationship. Sometimes snoopy acts as if he is better than Charlie Brown,” Ramirez said.
“Snoopy acts like Charlie Brown never feeds him, but eventually he does. Snoopy brings comic relief with his imagination. At one point in the play he acts like he is flying a WWI ace plane,” says Ramirez.
Donna McCuistion, a theatre and English education double major from Cordell, will play Lucy.
“Lucy is the older sister to Linus. She’s a blunt character who always speaks her mind with no sense of compassion, however, she does mean well,” McCuistion said.
Grant Crews, a theatre major from Okarche, will play Linus.
“Linus is the little brother to Lucy. He has an old soul with the innocence of a child. At one point in the play he even mentions the scientific reasonings for carrying around a blanket. Linus also is very attached to his blanket, and although his sister nags and teases him about it, they still love each other,” said Crews.
Tony Buckley, a communications major from Enid, will play Schroeder.
“Schroeder is a decent friend to Charlie Brown but is also obsessed with Beethoven,” said Buckley.
There are also four ensemble singers within the play.
McCuistion said, “The cast and crew has worked very hard on the show. We are here from Sunday to Thursday rehearsing for four hours. When not rehearsing Monday to Friday we spend our time setting up the play, working on costumes and props, etc. A lot of time is getting put into this play.”


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