SWOSU Senior Nursing Students Attend OBN Meeting

Thirty-five senior nursing students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford recently had the opportunity to experience a meeting of the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.
The students, accompanied by faculty member Tamra Weimer, were able to hear the board deal with various cases involving programs and nurses. Weimer said it was an eye-opening experience for the students.
One of the cases was regarding a nurse anesthetist who had not been honest when completing his board application. He said he had never been arrested when, in fact, he had been arrested twice. He and his attorney argued both arrests occurred over 20 years ago and the nurse had forgotten about them. The board noted that the person had a pattern of five times not being honest on board paperwork so the nurse was given a “severe reprimand.”
Another case was from an LPN who placed oxygen on a resident in a nursing home without an order and never went back to do a focus assessment. The resident was found in cardiac arrest. The LPN never called for emergency help and never started CPR. The nurse handed over her license to the BON.
Another case was an RN who hung propofol without a doctor’s order. The patient coded and died. The RN was not the primary nurse. Weimer said this was a great case for delegation issues, communication and chain of command.
The students were also able to experience a nursing program presenting changes made after board recommendations. They spoke of the admission process and the points system. Weimer said it was nice for the SWOSU students to see how other programs do the admission process and hear about board pass rates.


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