Students talk romance: sweet dates and good grades

By Breanna Neer
Staff Reporter

For some students, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend time with significant others. For others, it is a day to anticipate the half-priced chocolate in stock the next day.
The question buzzing around is, what exactly is the best gift for Valentine’s Day? Students around campus had a variety of answers:
“Chocolates, hand written cards, and flowers,” said Alie Merkey, a secondary education major from Cordell.
“A gift that requires thought,” said Amelia Mckennon, a microbiology major from Midwest City.
Whitney Roper, a psychology major from Weatherford said, “Chocolates and a nice date with good food.”
Cierra Golden from Altus, also a psychology major, said, “Edible bouquet because flowers suck. Also a nice date.”
Other students had additional ideas.
“Having an actual Valentine,” said Boone Walker, parks and rec law enforcement major from Skiatook.
Mason Pitts, a pre-pharm student from Ripley said, “A cute date night and jewelry.”
Kristen Johnson from Hydro, also pre-pharm, said, “An A in Chemistry.”
Tanner Misak, exercise science major from Medford said, “I would buy flowers and a dress for my girl and take her somewhere fancy. Then I would take her home and have a cute movie night.”
Hopefully this sheds some light on what to get that special someone on Valentine’s Day.


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