Movie Review:Monster Trucks

By Monica Posas
Staff Reporter

The PG film Monster Trucks, directed by Chris Wedge, is not quite the film you would expect based off its given title. These two words are taken a bit more literally when an animated monster named Creech is being used to power a truck owned by a high school senior named Tripp.
Although he is known as a monster, Creech’s character is comical and friendly. It does not take long to find him adorable.
Trouble awaits Tripp’s slimy new friend when a group of men go on the hunt for him. Tripp and Creech set out on a mission to ensure his safety and other creatures like him who live in an underwater ecosystem.
The two characters share a mutual love for speed which is the basis of the action shots throughout the movie, along with high-energy music. The film gives all the basics that engage a young child: fast cars, explosions, and monsters.
Unless you are accompanying a child under the age of 10, a different film would be better choice for your time. The plot can easily be considered bizarre and the acting was subpar. The action scenes were often overly exaggerated.
Monster Trucks follows a basic a story-line, so figuring out what happens next is quite easy, but somehow you still can’t help but love the ugly monster and hope for his safety.


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