What Is A ‘Useful’ App?

Kathy Martinez
Staff Reporter

Technology has soared beyond internet on the computer to internet applications of all sorts on our cell phones. Applications that differ from social media, like Facebook or Instagram, to beyond news and weather reports.
Nearly everybody has a smartphone, including students here at SWOSU. The big question remains for our students, are apps wasting our time or are they helpful?
“I personally believe apps are a quick and easy form of entertainment as well as tools to help people with different tasks,” said SWOSU sophomore Logan Boese.
“There are thousands of different apps that can help with different things from weight loss to writing word documents,” he said.
Another SWOSU student, Norma Cossio, senior, said “It really depends on what application you’re pinpointing. Some applications can take up way too much of your time, like Instagram, while others can help you predict your next road trip, like a weather app.”
Applications on our cellphones can be helpful and useful, however, there are some applications that could waste our time and be highly distracting. The use of applications may be all a personal preference of use.


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