Adler Details Winter Weather Precautions

By Monica Posas
Staff Reporter
Last Thursday SWOSU closed campus due to the anticipation of an ice storm. Class activities for Thursday evening and all of Friday were cancelled. SWOSU has procedures implemented to ensure the safety of SWOSU students and faculty when closing campus. Brian Adler, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, informs students and the media when the decision to close campus has been made.jan25page6
The decision is discussed with numerous individuals including Kendra Brown, SWOSU’s director of public safety chief, who keeps in contact with the National Weather Service on what is to be expected. SWOSU President Randy Beutler, makes the final decision.
“President Beutler will get up in the middle of the night and drive around to see what the roads are like,” Adler said.
If campus is to be closed, Adler then lets the public know by contacting media and activating SWOSU Alert, the emergency notification system.
If snow or ice hits but campus stays open, SWOSU employees, including James Skinner of the campus Physical Plant, work to ensure everyone’s safety.
“While everybody else is at home or in bed, they’re out working on sidewalks and making buildings accessible,” Adler said.


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